Like we say, in Sulphur Mills you can trust. We say so not only because we are the largest manufacturer of Sulphur and its formulations in the world, but also because of the quality of agrochemicals we produce and use. We know how to create a sustainable ecosystem of agriculture as we handpick and produce some of the finest quality of agrochemicals. Our agrochemical products such as pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers ensure that the crops are protected and yield the best result. 


We are not in the business of manufacturing sulphur, fertilizers and nutrients for the sake of it. When you join hands with Sulphur mills, you become a part of our larger family and an ecosystem that creates value addition to the end customer- be it a small scale businessman, a farmer or a big agricultural company. Our cultural ethos naturally makes us think from the consumer’s perspective as we strive to give you innovative products at a competitive price. In the end, we want you to have the utmost satisfaction. 


How do we strive to be the leading manufacturer of a product in agrochemicals? We do that by implementing what we believe in and take our work seriously.  With an organisation working for more than three long decades, we have moved with time and adapted some of the best technologies in the world of agrochemicals. Our state of the art research techniques, laboratory and technical know-how give an edge to all our products. However, not everything at Sulphur Mills is about technology. We also invest in the right people and manpower that produce the best research methodologies and complement our tech advancements. You could be a multinational company, a small scale business or a single farmer; our tech innovation will customise products based on your needs. 


Ever since we started Sulphur Mills, we knew how important it was to supply the best fertilizers and nutrients to enhance the crop yields. Thus, we became the first company in the world to introduce a Low Dosage as well as India’s first Sulphur Fertilizer in the world. In short, the crops that you produce and the food that is served on your plate, we ensure that the nutritional value is intact. The crops get the best nutrition out there.  While we strive to create an eco-friendly environment, all our fertilizers are natural and do not harm the agricultural produce.