About Us

In Sulphur Mills, you can trust

We serve agriculture with tech innovation for you to relish nutritious food produced in farms across the globe. Before a farmer produces a crop, it is our job to ensure that the soil has increased fertility, has no fungicides, insecticides and the crops remain unharmed with increased herbicides.

In short, the grains and vegetables that you purchase, the food that is served on your plate, become our responsibility.

Reckoned Worldwide, we are also the largest producer of sulphur.

Being a 60-year-old company, we are pioneers in providing specialised formulations that add value to agrochemicals. We believe, actions are louder than words and have a proven track record to become the first company to introduce fertis to crops.

Our most recent advanced delivery type formulations are efficient, require a lower dosage of active ingredients that help to reduce incidents of residue and resistance. Our efficient formulations are largely solvent-free, thus making them environmentally friendly and safer as we are believers in sustainability.  

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What sets us apart from other agrochemical companies?

Our technical edge in advanced formulations enables us to cater to large, local and multinational companies. Yes, we believe in diversity and scale that brings value addition to our work.

We say so as we are highly focused on research and development when it comes to the new processes in the field of agrochemicals. We have set up State of the Art WDG & various types of CS and manufacturing facilities.

Since the last two decades, all our focus and energy has been on new formulations, delivery and efficiency on agrochemicals.

Thus, it makes it easier for us to leverage our tech innovations and experiences garnered over the last six decades. While we may have started with a humble beginning, today we have 3 manufacturing plants in Mumbai and Gujarat and are always looking to expand and take our innovation to different parents of the country and worldwide. Being a global player, we are presently exporting to various markets in USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Asia, CIS & Middle East, thus covering more than 110 countries in all the continents worldwide.

Despite being global players, we provide innovative products and solutions at competitive prices as we want every company to reap the benefits of our knowledge, expertise and advanced technology. 

Our collaborative spirit, credibility, creativity, sustainability and using ethical practices make us who we are. Like we say, in Sulphur Mills you can trust.