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    Established in 1960
    The largest manufacturer of Sulphur
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    FIRST COMPANY to introduce FERTIS
    TECHNOLOGY LEADER in advanced formulation
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    Reckoned worldwide as a One-Stop-Manufacturer
    innovative & highly value-added specialized formulations.
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    Advanced Nutrition Solution
    Taking Advanced Technology to the farm
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    Wide ranges of Formulation Types
    Leading manufacture of Agro Chemical Solutions

What We Offer

Listed below four reasons to choose us!

Fertilizers / Nutrition

It's a chemical or natural substance added to soil or land to increase its fertility.


Generally widely used in plants to remove the infection which are caused by Fungus.


Specially used in farms to kill insects and prevents the plant to get affected by them.


A herbicide is a pesticide used to kill unwanted plants leaving the desired crop relatively unharmed.

Business Segments

We are into the following 4 Business Segments!


World’s Largest Manufacturer of Sulphur & its formulations & also one of the World’s Most Prolific Crop Protection Co.


We provide innovative products at competitive price to give a total satisfaction to our customers.


Our technical edge in advance formulations enables it to cater to large local and multinational companies.


First Company in world to introduce Low Dosage as well as India's First 90% WDG Sulphur Fertilizer.

Market Leading Products

Listed below are some of our marketing leading Products!

Fertis - WG



Mancozeb 35% SC


Systemic Insecticide


Carbendazim 500 g/l

5 Roses

Sulphur 85% DP


Copper Oxychloride 50% WG


Thophenate Methyl 20% MP


Sulphur 80% - WP

"Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together."

Key Strengths

Listed below are our key strengths

Research Lab

Sulphur Mills Limited is highly focused in Research & Development of different and new processes in the field of agro chemicals. Sulphur Mills Limited main focus over the last 2 decades have been on new formulation and new delivery system for the agro chemical ...

Formulation Technology

Sulphur Mills Limited, is the poineer in developing new formulation technology not only in India but other geographical location across the globe. Over the past 2 decades Sulphur Mills Limited has developed and commercialize many different ...

Manufacturing Strength

Sulphur Mills Limited currently has 3 Manufacturing Plants in India with one new additional Manufacturing facility coming up in the near future for further expansions of their specialty formulation capacity. All its plants follow and conform to GMP practices.

Marketing Network

We are a Global Company and are presently exporting to various markets like USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Asia , CIS & Middle East, thus covering more than 110 countries in all the continents worldwide.


+91 22 4345 2222

404/405,604/605 - 349 – Business Point, Western Express Highway,Andheri(E), Mumbai – 400069. India

Recent Events

The latest developments...

Kisan Mela

April 2015 at Moga

SML NORTH team had participated in one of the Kisan Mela, held at Moga dated April 5th, 2015. Where Mr. Mangal Singh Sandhu - Director of Agriculture of Punjab & Mr. Tota Singh – Agriculture Minister had visited the stall & felicitation done by Mr. Prince Gumber. Dr. Jaswinder Singh – Agriculture Officer, Moga visited the stall & took feed back about the promotional activities conducted by Sulphur Mills for the wellbeing of crop. Miss Arshpreet – Research Associate from Punjab Agriculture University had visited the stall & took the information about the Fertis & Pearl. There was about more than 3000 farmers visited the stall & took the information of SML products.

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Product development activities in Turkey

on 10 May 2018

Mr. Emin Celik employee of Sulphur Mills, Turkey is conducting the development and sales activities across all CIS countries. He on his tour to Uzbekistan, conducted a progressive farmer meeting along with his field support team. After conducting Infertis (Sulphur fertilizer 90%) training session with progressive farmers, Mr. Emin took him in the field of Onion, Potato and also other horticulture crops viz Walnut. . Mr. Emin and the progressive farmers visited the farmers who used Infertis for their crops in this season.

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"Reap" means Harvest

Reap symbolizes & wishes a bumper harvest for farmers across the world. There are many evidences that by the use of REAP products farmers have got bumper yields which lead to smile on their face.