TECHNO Z is an advanced micro granular Zinc fertilizer with patented ORT technology which allows maximum benefit to the crop with low dose of zinc

Key Nutrients– Sulphur 67% min. + Zinc 14% min. MG

Formulation– Micro granule

Available packaging– 1kg, 4kg, 20 kg

Product Functions:
FERTIS is formulated in Water dispersible granule (WDG) which has 2-4 micron particle size of sulphur which allows quick dispersion in water and soil, gives faster and efficient sulphur uptake and therefore it requires very low application dose as compared to traditional Sulphur fertilizer

Product Features

  • Zn fertilizer with ORT technology ensures need based prolonged availability of Zinc to crop plant

  • High Zinc use efficiency due to more uptake of Zn by crop plants and is required in low dose

  • Micro granule formulation technology which helps in uniform distribution of Zinc in soil

  • As a multi-nutrient fertilizer available Sulphur into Zinc helps in balancing pH which supports the uptake of other nutrients too

  • Increased resistance in plants against pest and disease and helps in balanced nutrition of crops

  • By the virtue of all above features it gives a high return on investment to the farmers

Product Recommendation

Crop Application dose (kg/Acre)
Field crops
4 kg
Vegetables crops
4-6 kg
Fruit crops
4-8 kg
Plantation crop
4-8 kg