LIQUIFLO is water based liquid Sulphur  fungicide with contact and protectant action and having acaricidal activity also.


Active ingredient        : Sulphur

Formulation               : 56.16% w/w SC ( 720g/L w/v SC)

Product Features: 

  • Excellent control of powdery mildew in various crop
  •  It has good miticide activities    
  •  Provide  Sulphur nutrient to crops
  • Most economical solution  for powdery mildew and mites control


  • It is not compatible with oils, Bordeaux mixture or alkaline solutions.
  • Should not use on shy varieties of various crops and cucurbits crops.   

LIQUIFLO – Recommendations

Crop Application dose (kg/ha) Disease controls
300ml/100L water
Powdery Mildew
300ml/100L water
Powdery Mildew