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Product development activities in Turkey

Mr. Emin Celik employee of Sulphur Mills, Turkey is conducting the development and sales activities across all CIS countries. He on his tour to Uzbekistan, conducted a progressive farmer meeting along with his field support team. After conducting Infertis (Sulphur fertilizer 90%) training session with progressive farmers, Mr. Emin took him in the field of Onion, Potato and also other horticulture crops viz Walnut. Mr. Emin and the progressive farmers visited the farmers who used Infertis for their crops in this season. “Seeing is believing” – Progressive farmers listen the first hand experience of the Infertis satisfied farmers. All farmers saw the benefits of Infertis application @ 20 Kg per hector, in Onion farmers saw the root growth, Girth and the height of Onion.

After the field visit’s Mr. Emin then organized the Infertis application technology workshop, where he demonstrated the Infertis dispersion quality and its benefits to the Soil as a pH regulator. Where live demonstration of Infertis was shown to the progressive farmers of Uzbekistan.

1. Application through Drip Irrigation was shown with the dose of 20 Kg per hector to Walnut crop.
2. Infertis application through tractor mounted spraying at 20 Kg per hector dose was also shown.

By attending the Infertis Application technology workshop, farmers were happy to see non clogging of nozzles of Dripper as well as tractor mounted sprayers. At the end of day Mr. Emin was successfully converted the activity in the prospective business of Infertis in Uzbekistan.