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Nutrition Products

Sulphur mill’s mission is “To operate as a world class formulation technology company for plant protection and plant nutrition products incorporating the latest technological advances and ethical practices to provide solutions for quality crop protection & crop nutrition at an economical cost to the farmers”. To strengthen our crop nutrition portfolio, we have started new Crop Nutrition division with offering range of crop nutrition products suited for soil application, fertigation and foliar application to enhance crop productivity and farmers prosperity.

The objective of crop nutrition division to offer our advance formulation technological products for crop nutrition to vast farmer base across the India and increase the crop productivity with our advance formulation technology of sulphur mills. Beside this our R&D also working on new technology to increase nutrient use efficiency of various crop nutritional products and to reduce the application dose and per acre cost with increased productivity and prosperity of farmer.

To accomplish this vision we have introduce new formulation technology products for Sulphur, Zinc, Boron nutrient & various micronutrient mixtures and research is continue on other secondary and micro nutrients.

Products list are:

  • 1) Sulphur WDG 90% (Sul-X)
  • 2) Zinc Oxide SC 39.5% (Zincox)
  • 3) Zinc +Sulphur (Yuva)
  • 4) Boron 20% (probor)
  • 5) Mycorhiza (Promyco)
  • 6) Micronutrient Mixture (Soil Application) : Tracon
  • 7) Micronutrient Mixture (Drip Application) : Tracon Gold
  • 8) Micronutrient Mixture (Liquid) : Rekon
  • 9) Liquid Calcium 11% SC

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