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About Reap

“Reap means Harvest”

Reap symbolizes & wishes a bumper harvest for farmers across the world. There are many evidences that by the use of REAP products farmers have got bumper yields which lead to smile on their face.

“With Reap you get a Smile”

You can see the symbol of smile inside the Reap Logo. Thus Reap products like Cosavet gives nourishment to the crop as well as protect the crop from various pests & diseases, which helps the plant grow and produce bumper. This clearly defines our brand positioning statement

Helps Nourish & Shield, Increases Growth & Yield

  • Nourish: is the aspect related to nutrients
  • Shield: is the aspect related to protection
  • Growth: is the aspect related to both the Economic condition of individuals or farmers and his crops
  • Yield: is the aspect related to the productivity. This is how Reap will bring smile to farmers and their families.